Pump Track Build

Every good Adventure Park should have a pump track. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of riding one before let us fill you in on why.

A good pump track, with the right guidance, can be an amazing asset for mountain bikers looking to school up on their handling skills (We’d highly recommend taking a skills class to get pointed in the right direction). More importantly they’re super fun to play around on. From learning the track, discovering lines, perfecting the rhythm, riding with friends, the list goes on.

To make sure CAP didn’t miss out on having such an awesome ‘play ground’ we reached out to the local kids to come up with some inspirational designs. The designs we got back were nothing short of amazing and gave us the base we needed to get this ball rolling.

Our world class trail crew meet up in the village and got to work building. Two days later and with a helping hand from the young local design team it was done.

Take it from us this is one epic pump track.

We can’t wait to share it with you as well as everything else this park has to offer. Come out and have a go.