January Trail Update

We’ve had a few questions from visitors asking why some of our trails are closed, and why some are yet to open. Read on to find out more about what we’re currently working on and what’s next on our list.

Trail Development

Moose Knuckle – this is one of our most popular trails and has been a part of the trail network for some time. As Moose Knuckle is a black-level technical trail with very steep rocky sections, jumps and drops, the entrance to the trail must represent that. This is hugely important for the safety of all our guests, as it ensures riders are aware of the technical features before attempting to ride the trail. Unfortunately, this safety feature was somehow removed, and so the trail must remain closed until this feature can be re-built. Update: Moose Knuckle has now re-opened (19th January)

The GC – we are super excited about The GC and can’t wait to get it open, but there are a few things we need to finalise first. Firstly, we need to build alternative routes for all the expert/pro features on the trail, so riders aren’t forced to ride a feature that is beyond their capability. Secondly, the start of the trail needs to be moved from its current location. Finally, the end of The GC track needs to be completed, as it’s currently linking to a narrow forest road, also used by vehicles.

Yoda – Yoda is the next trail on our list to get open. It just needs an entry feature that is suitable for its difficulty and a safe exit, then it’s good to go. We have an amazing trail crew who are working hard to get trails open, but they must prioritise and urgent trail maintenance must always come first.

Wet Trails – we keep a close eye on the conditions of all our trails throughout the day. At times, we close trails when they become too wet to be safely ridden by all riders. When trails become wet, they become slippery and much harder to ride. We understand that some riders have the ability to ride our trails in all conditions, but not all our customers have the knowledge or expertise to do so. We monitor the conditions and close trails to keep all our riders safe.

Trail Maintenance

As well as making progress on opening new trails, we have a busy trail crew providing regular maintenance to all trails already open. This is currently our foremost priority, as ensuring we have a safe, suitable green, blue and black trail for the whole mountain is hugely important.

If you are interested in joining our Trail Crew team, please take a look at our careers page.