The Adventure Park is set in Christchurch's Port Hills and is easily accessible from the City Centre and International Airport. Plan your trip to make the most out of your time in the Park. More hill time is always better right?




Christchurch is a bike friendly city with bike lanes and a relatively flat landscape. With limited parking onsite, riding to the park is recommended where possible. It is law in New Zealand that helmets are worn whenever riding which includes the Adventure Park. Check out the cycle routes around the city and plan your route accordingly. 


There are a limited number of car parks at the Adventure Park so car-pooling or riding to the Park is suggested where possible. Take care when driving into the Park as there will be riders and pedestrians.

Visiting Christchurch


Christchurch is serviced by an International Airport with direct flights from Australia, Singapore, China and Fiji which connects the South Island with the rest of the world. The airport is well connected with the wider domestic network serviced by Jetstar and Air New Zealand. Christchurch Airport has a bike assembly area at the end of the International Terminal if you choose to fly and ride.


There are several bus and shuttle services that connects the city with the rest of the South Island.
The train network from the West Coast offers a route to Christchurch in picturesque style. The trains are able to carry a maximum of four bikes per train so booking ahead is recommended. 


From pod-style backpackers to luxury lodges Christchurch and the surrounding Canterbury region has something to suit all styles and budgets. During peak periods, December through to March and public holidays it is highly recommended to book in advance.