Downhill Mountain Biking

Get hooked on one of the worlds fastest growing sports. From flowy trails for beginners, sweeping intermediate trails for the next step up, epic world class jump tracks for those who crave air and hand built techincal trails for the experts amoung us. This sport will put a smile on your face and the vast trail network of CAP will keep it there of years to come! 
Come have a chat with us and find out the best way to get a piece this adventure. 

Tickets & Pricing

Adult (18+ years) Youth (Under 17 years)
Day Lift Pass $80 $60
3 Day Lift Pass
(3 Consecutive Days)
$160 $120
3 Uplifts
Valid for 1 day
$45 $45
10 Uplifts
Valid for 3 Months
$100 -
Winter Warrior
Valid until September 30
$450 $450
Hauling A** Pass
Valid for 1 year
$1199 $999

If a rider is under 18 a parent or guardian is required to sign the Risk Acknowledgement form when a pass is purchased. Riders 13 years and under require adequate supervision on the trails. Eg. Not riding alone, knowing what to do in an event of an emergency, having access to a mobile phone and a check-in system after every lap.

If you are purchasing a Haulin' A** Pass or a Season Pass you will be offered Pass Insurance this is $80 and $40 for the Pass respectively. Terms and conditions of the Pass Insurance can be found here.


The Christchurch Adventure Park has a fleet of 100 Giant Glory 2 downhill bikes at three different sizes; Small, medium, large as well as a small number of Giant Reigns.

Why rent?

The Christchurch Adventure Park fleet is serviced daily so you know you’re riding bikes that are in the best condition for the park. Bikes can and do break and in an unfortunate event that this does happen you can bring it back for us to fix or replace immediately. Renting onsite means less hassle, you can literally hire and ride out of the door onto our network of trails, no bike bag or boxes and no transportation costs!

All PROTECTIVEs are included when a rental bike is hired!

Adult (18+ years) Youth (Under 17 years)
Downhill Bike
$130 $95
Downhill Bike
HALF DAY(4hrs)
$95 $75
Protective Package
Full Face Helmet, Knee & Elbow Pads, Gloves
$35 $20